Friday, May 4, 2007

Questions to Ask Your Doctor

Preparing questions in advance can help patients to have more meaningful discussions with their physicians regarding their conditions. Patients may wish to ask their doctor the following questions related to gallbladder surgery:

  1. Will my procedure be performed laparoscopically or through open surgery?
  2. Is it possible that my procedure will begin as laparoscopy and end as open surgery?
  3. How should I prepare for the surgery? Do I need to change my diet or medication routine?
  4. Will I have to spend time in the hospital following surgery?
  5. What potential risks do I face if I have this surgery?
  6. Will I have long and prominent scars following my surgery?
  7. I’ve heard that many patients experience diarrhea following surgery. How can I lessen the odds of this occurring?
  8. Which activities should I avoid following surgery?
  9. How long will it take before I make a complete recovery?
  10. If my bile ducts are injured, will I face the prospect of additional surgery?

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